enigmalife+ Inspiration Upper Anteriors

enigmalife+ Inspiration Upper Anteriors


      enigmalife+ denture teeth are truly inspired by nature. Not only do enigmalife+ look and feel like your patients’ own teeth, they help them to regain their appearance and function. Compare them to any denture teeth that you have used before, and you will see why they set the new standard. enigmalife+ are the teeth of choice when you are seeking to provide the very best dentures for your patients.

      enigmalife+ Inspiration anteriors are supplied in a series of three harmonious and lifelike shapes. There is even an extra large mould IR10 for those situations where an extra large but perfectly designed tooth, is required.

      At the front of the mouth teeth come under lateral forces and can chip but rarely wear. They need to have high resistance against chemical attack and minimise plaque adhesion or discolouration. enigmalife+ anteriors are therefore made using a tough PMMA based copolymer using a double polymerisation process and incorporating PMMA pearls.

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