Creating beautiful smiles, naturally


4natur teeth provide amazing vitality with both incisal translucency and colour graduation within the body of the tooth. They are the teeth of choice when you are seeking to provide a beautiful tooth at the very best value for your patients.  

4natur Upper Anterior Moulds

All 4natur upper anterior teeth have been newly remodelled to follow the line angles and shapes found in nature. The mould range is based on proven established favourites with both the patients and dental professionals, with the addition of four completely new moulds. Mould S19 is extra large in size. It has been designed for partial denture cases where, to adequately complete the spaces left after tooth loss, either increased length or width are needed. The three newly designed O moulds have soft, rounded and harmonious outlines and look fantastic in the mouth.

4natur Lower Anterior Moulds

Many patients show at least as much of their lower anterior teeth as their upper ones. With this in mind 4natur lower anteriors were designed to look like real teeth and received the same attention to detail and colour blending as their upper partners. The eight lower moulds provide the full range of sizes from small to the extra large mould L11. The latter was especially designed for partial denture cases and harmonises with the remaining teeth, even when signifi cant gingival recession has taken place.

4natur Posterior Moulds

These moulds have been designed for easier and faster setting up and have bases of the teeth cut away to reduce grinding time in the laboratory. The cusp angles of the uppers is 23° to aid mastication, whereas those of the lowers are fl atter to avoid interferences in the mouth and reduce time taken in both the clinic and the laboratory. Great attention has been paid to achieving a natural appearance and vitality. Aesthetic appearances have been enhanced with the buccal faces of the premolars lengthened to provide an even graduation between canines and premolars, avoiding the ugly step down found in other ranges. Several of the lower moulds are narrower bucco-lingually to provide increased tongue space. All moulds in the range interdigitate easily both in balanced and lingualised occlusion. 4natur posterior moulds cover the full spectrum of clinical requirements, from the petite mould P1 to the extra large mould P6.

Many other features of the 4natur tooth line include:

  • Natural anatomical shapes and carefully sculpted marginal ridges provide a remarkable true to nature three dimensional appearance.
  • Internal mamelon effects in both upper and lower centrals for a more natural appearance. l Greater incisal translucency.
  • Laterals are lighter than centrals. Canines are darker mesially with greater translucency distally.
  • A beautiful smile is symmetrical around the center line of the face. 4natur teeth are exact mirror images on each side of the mouth.
  • Naturally occurring blue/white opalescence and fluorescence under UV light, so appear natural under different lighting conditions.
  • Excellent bond strength to acrylic denture base material.
  • High solvent and heat resistance.
  • CE marked and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Standard and in accordance with EN ISO 22112 Standard for Artificial Teeth.