enigmalife+ S Posteriors

enigmalife+ S Posteriors


      enigmalife+ denture teeth are truly inspired by nature. Not only do enigmalife+ look and feel like your patients’ own teeth, they help them to regain their appearance and function. Compare them to any denture teeth that you have used before, and you will see why they set the new standard. enigmalife+ are the teeth of choice when you are seeking to provide the very best dentures for your patients.

      enigmalife+ S posteriors look so real because they are modeled on nature’s own creations, honed by millennia of evolutionary development. Created by the world leading gnathological expert, Professor Rudolph Slavicek, enigmalife+ S Posteriors reproduce the form and function of natural teeth. The 30° cuspal inclination of the upper first molar accords with his detailed research on the natural dentition.

      At the back of the mouth teeth will wear but rarely chip. enigmalife+ posteriors have addressed this through a tough composite formulation combining a double cross linked acrylate copolymer, UDMA resin, nano hybrid fillers and PMMA pearls. Resilience in the anteriors and incredible wear resistance in the posteriors.

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