S4 enigmalife+ Posteriors

S4 enigmalife+ Posteriors

enigmalife+ S posteriors look so real because they are modeled on nature’s own creations, honed by millennia of evolutionary development. Created by the world leading gnathological expert, Professor Rudolph Slavicek, enigmalife+ S Posteriors reproduce the form and function of natural teeth. The 30° cuspal inclination of the upper first molar accords with his detailed research on the natural dentition.

S Posteriors are designed not only for full dentures but also for implant stabilized and partial dentures where their fuller form enables them to be easily adapted both to the underlying implant structures and to the remaining dentition. 

While Professor Slavicek recommends that teeth be set up in lingualized occlusion because this occlusal scheme directs the forces towards the remaining bone, enigmalife+ can also be set up in balanced occlusion or cross-bite.

The palatal stamp cusps of the uppers have precise natural relationships with the corresponding fossa and marginal ridges of the lowers. This relationship enables the dentures to have maximum stability when the patient bites together and improves their comfort.

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